Day 22: Did You Know?

Today’s nugget of new news you can use is all about the research that talks about fluoride. We are almost done with the month. I hope you have learned lots about all kinds of things healthwise.

The Research Says

Seventy-five percent of the United States is drinking fluoridated water.

We have been told this is good and right and so healthy for our teeth. Those that have questioned fluoride were censored and called quacks… (Quacking away here)

Quack Quack

YET: Here is a report from our own government – The National Research Council published in 2006 that states fluoride in our water is harmful to our gut lining. Fluoride changes the hydrochloric acid in the gut to hydrofluoric acid (HF). HF destroys the gut lining and affects the health of the microvilli lining the gut. You can download the entire report. Gut dysbiosis affects lining of the gut, absorption of nutrients and just how healthy you are.

AND: another government report from the Center for Disease Control Morbidity and Mortality Weekly report from August 17, 2001 shows that water fluoridation actually does not work on developing toothbuds to make them stronger- it actually only works topically – as you are drinking and as it flows over the teeth. “Posteruptive and topical” are their own words.

So, research says systemic fluoride is actually ineffective in hardening the developing toothbuds and that is actually harming the gut lining. (I have thoughts on how ineffective topical fluoride is 😉 but you may read that here.)

Fluoride is a Poison

I wanted you to know the other side, from our own government research papers. Why are we still adding fluoride to the water when it is harming our bodies? We must follow the research, even if we do not like where the information leads. Fluoride is a poison. Its time has passed. We have so many better tools in our tool box.

The real causes of tooth decay are not fixed by fluoride. We must dig deeper to look at nutrition, mouth breathing, gut absorption (see above for what is contributing to gut dysbiosis), lack of great saliva, and frequent snacking. It is not a lack of fluoride.

Please consider a serious water filter. Also, please help me stop the poisoning of our population. Share this nugget of information with everyone.


Barbara Tritz

Queen of Oral Health and Total Body Wellness

The post Day 22: Did You Know? first appeared on Queen of Dental Hygiene.

The post Day 22: Did You Know? appeared first on Queen of Dental Hygiene.

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