Day 21: Change with the Seasons

Happy First Day of Summer!

Thank you for joining me as we barrel through my June quest of daily nuggets of new dental information you can use.

Today’s tidbit is about toothbrushes.

Toothbrushes get worn out but we don’t notice (or because we are using expensive electric brushes, we use them too long to save money). I recommend you change your toothbrush with the seasons. That way you know it’s done. Since today’s the first day of summer, please remember to buy new brushes or brush heads and change out everyone in the family’s toothbrush.

Brushing with a worn-out toothbrush may cause damage to the teeth and gums, and even more important, these worn-out brushes are less effective so they leave plaque behind.

Worn-out Toothbrushes Cut Up the Gums

Get a Second Brush

Also, you might consider getting a second brush or brush head. The toothbrush needs to dry out between uses so the bacteria within the bristles die. Wet toothbrushes are still full of live bacteria... Rotate between the brushes, using one every 24 hours while the other dries out.

Brushing Longer

Please brush longer than you think. Plaque is sticky and wants to stay attached to your teeth. So, spend an extra 30 seconds and brush the gums and gumline to get those teeth squeaky clean. They should feel as good as if I just cleaned them.

Sunset in the San Juans

Have a wonderful and fun summer.

Barbara Tritz

Queen of Dental Hygiene and Princess of Toothbrush Lore

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