Contest: Submit your favorite recipes, win a bidet

For the 2022 guiding season we’re looking for a new breakfast and new dinner recipe to replace two of our longstanding meals, the Coconut Chia Oatmeal and the Backcountry Chili.

The two winners will be entered into a drawing, and the first chosen will have their option of taking the Plan Like A Pro online course or receiving a Luxe NEO 120 Bidet, which Luxe sent me unexpectedly after I posted about a Christmas present. The other winner will receive the other item.

How to enter

To submit a recipe, complete this form. The deadline is Wednesday, January 19.

The form will collect your name and email, which will not be sold or added to my newsletter; and then asks for either a link to the recipe(s) or text with ingredients and preparation/packaging instructions.

Recipe ideas left as comments will not be considered.

You can submit up to two recipes (a breakfast and a dinner, or two breakfasts, or two dinners), so send us only your best.

How to win

In general, we are looking for recipes that are:

  • Incredibly tasty;
  • Made of easily available ingredients (locally or online);
  • Calorically dense, by having fats and no/little water;
  • Mostly shelf-stable, for up to several months;
  • Vegetarian, or easily made vegetarian;
  • Allergy-friendly, or at last accommodating of allergies with simple ingredient substitutions; and,
  • Reasonably economical, but not cheap.

Oils, sauces, butter, and/or cheese are acceptable ingredients — and perhaps even encouraged. Many of our other meals include them, so we’re familiar with packaging, carrying, and distributing them.

Finally, these new meals should be different from our existing breakfasts and dinners. For example, I’d be more interested in a mac-and-cheese dish than a beans-and-rice dish, since we already have one of those.


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