BDA research reveals shocking truths about baby food

In their latest article, the British Dental Association are calling for action to be taken on the shocking levels of sugar in many popular brands of baby food pouches in order to protect the oral health of young children.
Baby food pouches surged in popularity among parents as they are marketed as a convenient ‘grab and go’ solution. However, research conducted shows that there are extremely high sugar content in the vast majority of these products, meaning that many children could be getting hooked on sugar as young as four months old.
Furthermore, this ‘eat straight from the pouch’ mechanism which is promoted by some brands, means the contents are being left in contact with the teeth even longer.
Research into 109 pouches aimed at children under 12-months-old found:

Over a quarter contained more sugar by volume than Coca Cola. Infants as young as four months are marketed fruit-based pouches that contain the equivalent of up to 150% of the sugar levels of…

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