Welcome to the Oral Health Foundation’s latest Annual Review. This year, we’ve made significant strides in our mission to promote good oral health and fight oral diseases.

Campaign successes

Our campaigns have reached new heights this year. National Smile Month championed the benefits of good oral health, reaching around 6 million people with oral health advice. Mouth Cancer Action Month was supported by more than 4,000 organisations, helping us raise awareness of a disease that is sadly on the rise. Our Safe Smiles campaign received national media coverage, encouraging people to steer away from unqualified advice and DIY dental treatments.

Educational progress

We’ve developed new educational materials and programmes that are being used by schools, care homes, community organisations, and dental professionals across the country. Our children’s educational programme, Dental Buddy, was used in thousands of nurseries and schools.

Global reach

In addition to our work in the United Kingdom, we continued our reach internationally. This year, we gathered a global taskforce to investigate the barriers to dental access in developing nations. Our findings showed that teledentistry could prove an effective method for dental referrals, early detection of disease and treatment, especially where access to dental professionals is limited.

Advocacy and strategy

Expanding dental access is a global priority. In the UK, NHS dentistry is experiencing significant problems. A strong NHS dental service is vital for the oral health of the population, and we are committed to working with partners and policymakers to make the changes that are so badly needed. Advocating for effective policy measures is a key goal for the Oral Health Foundation and will be a major part of our charity’s new strategy.

Looking ahead

Over the last year, our board of trustees, along with the core team, have been developing a strategy that will shape the charity’s future priorities. Our Strategy to 2030 will be published at the end of this year. We have substantial challenges to overcome as we continue our focus on better oral health for all, working on reducing dental disease and narrowing oral health inequalities.

Thank You

Everything we do is only possible through the hard work and dedication of our staff, our partners, and our supporters. With this in mind, I would like to send my thanks for your support and continued commitment to achieving better oral health for all. Our work is far from over, but together, we can make a difference.