The Oral Health Foundation is proud to present its manifesto, ‘Prevention, care, education: A people’s manifesto for improved oral health in the UK.’ As we approach the 2024 General Election, we call upon the future government to prioritise oral health as a key aspect of overall well-being.

Oral health is essential to our daily lives and should be a right for all, not a privilege for some. Our manifesto outlines a vision where oral health is not sidelined but is recognised for its importance in the national healthcare conversation.

Dr Nigel Carter, OBE, Chief Executive of the Oral Health Foundation, says: “Our manifesto is a cross-party appeal for a healthier nation. We urge all political parties to unite in transforming oral health care, moving past short-term promises to implement lasting solutions.”

Our manifesto is built on three pillars:

  • Preventive measures: Championing water fluoridation, daily oral care routines, regular dental visits, and fluoride treatments to prevent disease and promote health.
  • Access to high-quality care: Advocating for an integrated healthcare system that ensures timely and effective dental care for all.
  • Investment in education: Closing the knowledge gap with robust educational programmes, especially for our children and marginalised communities.

We propose ten policies to revolutionise oral health in the UK, including:

  1. A reformed NHS dental contract focused on prevention.
  2. Nationwide water fluoridation to combat tooth decay.
  3. Revitalised oral health promotion teams for public education.
  4. Enhanced toothbrushing programs in schools.
  5. A comprehensive sugar tax and advertising restrictions to combat unhealthy diets.
  6. Progressive legislation to phase out smoking among future generations.
  7. Dedicated funding for oral health educational campaigns.
  8. Integration of oral health into the general health system.
  9. Expansion of the dental workforce and career development.
  10. Making dental care more affordable for everyone.

Download our manifesto

Your voice matters

Oral health has been overlooked for too long, impacting our quality of life and the nation’s productivity. It’s time to change that.

Support our manifesto and help us make oral health a priority for the UK.

Download ‘Prevention, care, education: A people’s manifesto for improved oral health in the UK’ and share it with your local election candidates.

You can find out who is standing in the upcoming general election and email them the manifesto, along with why you believe their support will change the oral health landscape in your area.

You can also share the manifesto with election candidates on social media. How about using these sample posts for X as a guide….

Post 1: Dear [Tag your local candidate], as your constituent, I urge you to read the @dentalhealthorg’s manifesto. It’s time to prioritise oral health in our community. Prevention, care, and education can transform lives. Please support this cause. #OralHealthPriority 🦷

Post 2: [Tag your local candidate], oral health is vital for our well-being, and the @dentalhealthorg’s new manifesto lays out a clear path for improvement. As someone who values health in our constituency, I ask you to consider their recommendations for a healthier future. #OralHealthPriority 🦷

You can also write to them via email. Download our template letter and search for your local candidates details by putting your postcode into the Electoral Commission’s website.

Remember to replace [Tag your local candidate] with their actual social media handle to ensure they see your message. These posts are designed to be personal and direct, encouraging local candidates to engage with the manifesto and take action on oral health issues. 📣  




You can listen to our podcast series on our manifesto, where we discuss every point in more detail.